Soda And Mentos Experiment

Soda And Mentos Experiment

Soda and Mentos Experiment: Materials Needed

  1. A bottle of soda.
  2. Mentor Mint (A roll/pack would be enough)
  3. Geyser Tube

Instruction For Conducting Soda and Mentos Experiment:

Once you have all the necessary materials, the next thing is to carry out your experiment following the instruction below CAREFULLY:

  1. Setup your diet soda on a flat surface (don’t open the lid yet).
  2. Remove the mentos mint from it’s pack (Half of the whole pack is good enough).
  3. Attach the geyser tube to the diet coke bottle appropriately. (Follow the instruction on the pack to attach the tube to your soda bottle.
  4. Release the mentos (all at once) into the opened bottle of soda and watch magic happen.

Precaution When Conducting Soda and Mentos Experiment:

Just like all other science experiments; some precaution must be put in place when trying out the soda and mentos experiment to avoid unwanted result.

  1. Do not perform the soda and mentos experiment in an area you don’t want to make messy, because the eruption of the diet coke would be everywhere all over the place.
  2. Fix the Geyser tube appropriately and don’t release the mentos into the bottle until you’re ready to “bolt”. Because the eruption would happen really fast and you might get stained cloth.

Soda and Mentos Facts:

The science behind this experiment is simple. It’s called Nucleation.

Diet coke are known to contain a lot of carbon dioxide gas which are dissolved into it during packaging to give the coke a sparkling taste. The release of this carbon dioxide is responsible for the fizzle bubble you get when the lid is removed.

The only condition that leads into the escape of the carbon dioxide inside the diet coke bottle is when the pressure in the bottle is reduced at the surface area increases.

Mentos is made up of small particles (dimples) which increases the surface area resulting into large amount of bubble.

So when you drop a large amount of mentos into the diet coke bottle; you create a pseudo environment with large surface area right inside the bottle and as a result the carbon dioxide gas would try to escape giving rise to forceful eruption of the content inside the bottle.


  1. Carbon dioxide is a very important gas in the environment. They’re used by plant in the process of photosynthesis.
  2. Carbon Monoxide is a very dangerous and harmful gas.

Other Important Stuffs:

There is an ongoing debate as to whether the reaction between the cardon dioxide and mentos is a physical or chemical reaction. You can check this our for further understanding.


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